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household and economic strengthening


VFM CBO Household Economic Strengthening Program targets various groups in the community. Single mothers, Youths, and members of vulnerable families. The aim of the activity is to improve livelihood standards of participants by increasing their household income through involving them in income generating activities. A number of ideas are implemented to help realize this.

Saving Internal Lending Committees (SILC)- The programme trains the community on all aspects of Saving and Internal Lending Committees (SILC) and marketing of their goods within the areas and in other towns. These skills received through the capacity building process are utilized for long term outcome. Revolving Fund- VFM sets funds available to offer access to start up and working capitals to upcoming entrepreneurs. The loans are only available to participants who have acquired sufficient training on entrepreneurship and business planning. The loan is zero rated and only available to groups and individuals registered in the program. 

Rusinga that is solely a fishing community is facing extreme decline in fish, VFM CBO is offering alternative agricultural/horticultural practices that offer alternative income. The community are equally involved in poultry farming as a source of income, communities are currently involved in poultry farming including poultry feed production.

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