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Single motherhood, particularly its causes and consequences, has not received considerable attention in Kenya and especially Rusinga Island. The challenges facing single mothers are daunting, high levels of unemployment and extreme poverty place many mothers in precarious positions struggling to pay for food, shelter, and other basic necessities critical for the health and well-being of their children. Children living in such contexts require high levels of supervision as the environment is fraught with extraordinary dangers stemming from poor sanitation, accidents, violence, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

The VFM programs goal is to improve the living standard for Kamasengre community, families and children within Rusinga West, the Single mothers project is a new project that is contributing to this goal by strengthening and encouraging constructive involvement of single mothers in activities that help them prosper in the community while improving their general well-being. This is done through interventions aimed at improving single mothers’ skills and involving them in a well-organized economic empowerment programs.

The Rusinga single mothers project is implemented in Kamasengre West and Kamasengre East sub locations of Rusinga West location with a total direct and indirect beneficiary population of 834 single mothers. The indirect beneficiaries include the community members who enjoy the outcomes of activities undertaken by the single mothers e.g. all women in single motherhood.

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