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CHANGING livelihood in Rusinga Island.

VFM has partnered with the community to help create suitable livelihood conditions for everyone on Rusinga Island. We endeavour to use locally available resources to provide for the basic needs of the poor and needy children.

Supporting Agriculture

Our Agriculture Project goal is to ensure that every family in Rusinga at all times have access to sufficient safe and nutritious food at their households that meets their dietary.

Supporting Education

 VFM from its invention has been keen to ensure that all children are able to get access to inclusive basic education...

Supporting Healthcare

Interventions are geared at strengthening the capacities of duty bearers to provide equitable, accessible and quality services as well ...

Water for Everyone

Kamasengre Water Supply System is in the Implementation Phase!

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VFM  Services

Detailed Information of what we do.

VFM has received a lot of support from the leadership of Hon. Milly Odhiambo. The projects supported by the VFM also receive backing from the Mbita NGCDF.

Future Project: VFM School

VFM is envisioning a boarding facility at VFM School to offer opportunity to at least 20% of able families as sustainability practice for the school.

Future Project: Community Center

The plan is to have the community access the scarcest services like computer services, outdoor activity services for the elderly and people with special needs. The center is to help the community to access the digital services .

Future Project: Water for All

Kamasengre Water supply system is coming soon. Water will be abstracted from Ukowe village, pumped up to Eddie Memorial (Kiakanga Hill) where reservoir tanks will be located then gravitated to Kamasengre and Kaswanga villages.

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Beneficiary Testimonials

Reactions of people who have benefited from the VFM Projects

Agriculture is Possible in any environment. Despite the challenges in Rusinga Island, food production has been made possible locally.
Salome Osee  Farmer
When you allow children to learn, you give them an opportunity to dictate their future.
Tony Ouma Fisherman
"...VFM has given me an opportunity to learn how i can grow crops in a limited space with limited resources. I produce enough food to support my children and even sell some to my neighbors. Thank you VFM for changing our lives..."
Peter Adera Peasant Farmer
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