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SINCE 2011

Social workers in partnership with the community health volunteers (CHVs) ensures that the activities are implemented. Community members are involved in the planning, implementations and monitoring of activities. Dialogue and stakeholdersā€™ meetings offer opportunity for community feedbacks that inform designs and re-designs of the activities. 

Integration is our approach

VFM and her activities would be so expensive if each project is implemented as one, thus, we integrate our activities into one and create opportunity for a beneficiary to have a full basket of all our products at one particular household visit or organized community meeting.  In a household visit, a social worker and community health volunteers ensure a family is modelled and everyone is participating. The household for example must participate in activities that improve access to food, clean water; a child(ren) must enrolled in school, family must improve health seeking behavior, and proper waste management, involvement in social groups and participation in education and community meetings. The approach does not encourage handouts but hand up


At least a Social worker and a community health volunteer (CHV) is directly attached to a cluster to take up the responsibility of ensuring that all our programs are integrated and the community reached with the information in the 17 targeted villages that are submerged into five clusters; Gumba, Nyangera, Lwanda, Waembe and Sienga respectively.

 One social worker and at least two CHVs work in the clusters. The CHVs are actively engaged in the advocacy mission. They are community members and so they are as well role models. They participate in the community resilience programs.

Beneficiary Screening

Before a family is supported, we check their vulnerability; indicators like marital status of household head, income levels, family size, health status etc. A family must make efforts to support their needs. They must have a kitchen garden at home, practice WASH concept, support children in school, they must agree to participate in all the activities.  .
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